Monogram Mermaid Pillow

Mermaid pillows are the hottest thing ever right now but how much better now that you can Personalize them with a monogram!  Choose your monogram design choice, color and enter in your initials for the perfect throw pillow. Give them as gifts to new Uncles and Aunts, Grandparents or keep it for your self! These mermaid pillows are irresistible. Great for gathering your zen! Grab one today !

  • Choose Rose Gold to white or Gold to White transition
  • Choose just to purchase the mermaid cover only or along with a soft pillow insert
  • Choose which monogram you want, the color you would like
  • Enter your initials is as: First Name, Last Name, Middle Name    We will not rearrange initials, we print in the order they are given.
Making selections in the following sections may change the final product price.
Monogram Initials here
First Name, Last Name, Middle Name


  • Gold to White
  • M1
  • Red
  • Monogram Initials here
  • Case Only