How to Host an Ugly Sweater Party

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Nothing says the holidays are coming more than the emergence of the Ugly Sweaters. These were at one time, hard to find. But now, you can't go to the Super Market without seeing a selection for sale. I guess you never know when you will need an ugly sweater. But why fight it? Let's not, let's embrace it by throwing a party. Here's everything you need to throw a killer Ugly Sweater Party.

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1. Get the word out. Pick your date and start inviting. This time of year, there are so many parties to attend; work, school, family, friends, the list goes on. Giving your guests proper notice, will ensure they will attend your party over any conflicts that may come up.

2. Holiday Decor. Deck the halls with boughs of Holly!! Make sure your home or venue is festive and fun. This doesn't mean expensive. Dollar stores are great for finding corny, silly decor for cheap! Remember, it's an Ugly Sweater Party, so your decor should match the theme.

3. Food & Drink, a must for any memorable party. If you aren't so good in the kitchen, like me, patronize a local restaurant with appetizers and dishes that you can easily heat up before the party. Or if you are a master of the kitchen, pull out your best finger foods and dips recipes. Nothing too heavy, nothing worse than feeling overstuffed. But enough to keep the full and happy.  Pick a theme drink for the party and always offer a non-alchoholic version too!

4. Attire! Last but not least....your Sweater.  As the host, your sweater must be a show stopper. And remember, there are no wrong sweaters here. Bonus points if its vintage!  Because Ugly Sweaters have really made a comeback, they are not as hard to find as you think.

Tune into our next blog to scope out some places to score your Ugly Sweater.



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